KILL SHOT: After Republican Senator Betrayed Trump, Watch His Primary Challenger RUIN Him on Live TV

Senator Jeff Flake has been on a mission to destroy President Trump. He has evencalled Trump supporters racist…. But he just got some TERRIBLE news. Flake is being challenged in the Primary by a Trump supporting Doctor, who just exposed him on Live TV.

Dr. Kelli Ward glared into the camera and delivered a FATAL blow to Senator Jeff Flake. Speaking for all Trump supporters, she exposed Sen. Flake for ignoring voters and trying to destroy the President. This exchange was epic. (Video Below)

Flake’s challenger exposed him for who he REALLY is. Dr. Ward said, “He’s been a Never Trump-er since the primary. He wasn’t for Trump during the primary…and he certainly hasn’t been for the President since he’s been in the White House.”

But she continued. Dr. Ward revealed that she is up DOUBLE DIGITS in the polls against Senator Flake. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!