Right After Pardoning Joe Arpaio, Trump Just Did Something HUGE For Sheriff David Clarke

Donald Trump may be President now and working hard to try and put our country back together with his time in office, but that does NOT mean he forgets the people who got him there.

Just last week the President issued a Pardon to Joe Arpaio, a retired Sheriff accused of violating a court order. Today, he gave a special gift to another cop buddy of his, Sheriff David Clarke…

President Trump told everyone how good Sheriff Clarke’s new book Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime, and Politics for a Better America”

Lefties HATE Sheriff Clarke, mainly because he is a conservative black cop. He also has driven them crazy by going after BLM, Antifa, and other leftists hate organizations.

If you were not already aware, Clarke also was one of the FIRST people to defend Trump’s response to Charlottesville. He saw it for what it really was: a declaration that our country will not tolerate hate on either side.


Sheriff Clarke is a man who simply has dedicated his life to upholding law and order and there is nothing wrong with supporting a hero like this.

Help the good man out by sharing this out and, if you are a reader, buy his new book. It comes highly recommended by the President of the United States, after all.