INSTANT JUSTICE: Rude Obama Supporter REFUSES Cop’s Orders, IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

We all know that most liberals, democrats, and Obama supporters come off as very entitled especially in the face of authority. Most notably, police officers.

This Obama supporter just got a huge reality check when she gives a police officer massive attitude. (VIDEO BELOW)

According to the video description, University of Central Florida police officer Timothy Isaac pulled over student Victoria King for a routine traffic stop, at which point she became belligerent.

King told the officer she did not have the registration because the car was her mothers.

Isaac went to his vehicle to write up the ticket, when he returned he politely asked King to role her window down so he could give it to her. She refused. So he asked her to step out of the vehicle.

King replied to the officer saying, she doesn’t need to do what a cop says, and continued to roll all of her windows up.

This is when things get interesting… (VIDEO BELOW)

Without a moment of hesitation, Isaac shatters the window, pulls King out of the car, and appropriate arrests her.

DANG! He wasn’t messing around with this entitled brat, here’s what Isaac had to say:

“I forcefully pulled my arm back and broke the window due to the defendant’s blatant disregard to all of the orders that were given to her, and her attempt to close the window on my arm,” Isaacs wrote in an arrest affidavit.

The officer charged King with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer — one count of resisting with violence, and a second count for resisting without violence. Of course, she has since filed a complaint against Isaac.

Ever since Obama became president, there is has been a notable rise in disrespect to police officers and unwillingness to cooperate with authority. This is your country on democrats.

Watch it Here: