HELL-ON-WHEELS: Steve Mnuchin Just DECIMATED Everyone Who Said Trump Is A Racist

The media may be hounding on Gary Cohn’s statement about Trump this morning, but they just got their World Rocked by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in today’s Press Briefing.

A reporter during the briefing asked Secretary Mnuchin, a Jewish former executive at Goldman Sachs if he felt uncomfortable and wanted to resign after Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. Bad move!

Mnuchin shot back saying Trump never equated hate groups to PEACEFUL protesters (unlike Antifa) and that he was never even considering quitting.

“I think there’s no question that the president was not equating the hate groups with the people who were peacefully ah [protesting] and under no circumstances was I going to resign.”

Of course, Secretary Mnuchin didn’t stop there. He went on to say the media was totally lying by claiming that Gary Cohn was on the brink of resigning after Charlottesville.

“Gary and I have known each other for 20 years. I can tell you I’m speaking to him every day. His Numer One focus is absolutely working on tax reform with me and getting tax reform done. Gary’s committed to be here and couldn’t be more excited about that.”

Seems pretty straightforward. Clearly, all the media REALLY wants is to label Trump an anti-Semite. Look, if there was ANY indication he was one, do you think I would be here? As a

As a Jew, I have seen ZERO proof of Trump being an anti-Semitic racist. If anything, he has been more supportive of the Jewish people than any other President in my lifetime.

So let’s end these nasty rumors once and for all by sharing out Secretary Mnuchin’s message and leave a “God Bless America” in the comments,