Starbucks Employees Mock Girl in Trump Shirt, So Fellow Trump Supporters Do THIS…

If you haven’t noticed already, there is a special kind of enmity towards Trump supporters then mostly any other political affiliation.

While a lot of the attacking goes on online, a lot of happens in everyday life as well. Especially when someone is wearing Trump merchandise, like a MAGA hat or a Trump shirt.

Starbucks is probably one of the most liberal places you can go for a cup of coffee, so when a paying customer walked in with a Trump shirt you can almost guess something happened.

June 14th, a girl named Kayla Hart scorned her local Starbucks in Charlotte, North Carolina after employees there noticed her “Trump 2016” shirt.

She claimed that the employees were behind the counter mocking and laughing at her as customers looked on.

When she got her coffee, she noticed it didn’t have her name, but instead the words “Build a Wall.” The story went viral, and Starbucks issued an apology. But, things didn’t end there…

Fellow Trump supporters did not appreciate the fact that these Starbucks employees could get away with doing whatever they wanted to folks with different political affiliation. So they took action.

On June 24th, they decided to get as many Trump supporters into that Starbucks as humanly possible at 2 pm all wearing the Trump gear.

They weren’t rude, or loud, or obnoxious. They simply went inside, ordered coffee, and just hung out like anyone else would. But they did it all wearing their Trump gear, sending a message to Starbucks employees that there are much more of them in the area then just a few, and that it isn’t okay to mock somebody because of their political affiliation.