PAYBACK: Moments After Attacking Trump On Camera, MSNBC Got SLAMMED With Instant Karma

The media has proven it will take any opportunity to attack our President, but pulling numbers out of a hat to simply prove a point is just downright irresponsible.

During an interview Thursday on MSNBC, host Ali Velshi made a ridiculous claim that President Donald Trump is “not even close to being the largest job creator” in his first six months as president. Unfortunately for Velshi, the facts don’t support these claims, and Trump adviser Brad Thomas was recently on MSNBC to explain why.

“What we’re seeing now is job creation,” Thomas said. “President Trump has created over a million jobs this year to date.”

Numbers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that since February – Trump’s first full month in office – the United States has added 1.1 million jobs over six months, a whopping change of nearly 1%. But Velshi responded by limiting the significance of these numbers, and even argued that both Obama and George W. Bush had done better.

“I’ve given you evidence, Brad,” said Velshi. “Job creation is not as good under President Trump as it was under President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton in the first six months of their office.”

Once again, not true. In fact, President Trump has had higher job creation than both Obama and Bush on both a percent change and nominal basis. As far as Bill Clinton, MSNBC must’ve forgotten that his presidency began at the end of a recession. Furthermore, MSNBC’s claim that President Trump ranks 8th all-time in job creation is suspiciously off the mark. According to in-depth research, President Trump ranks 4th out of the 13 presidents compared, while (surprise surprise) Obama ranks 12th. Clearly a far cry from “not even close.”

It’s about time these spinsters starting telling the whole truth. It’s one thing to offer your opinion – even if it’s shockingly biased and unfounded – but it’s another thing to play fast and loose with FACTS. Numbers don’t lie and neither does our President. He has rallied for job creation since day one and his supporters will not be swayed by personal attacks and leftist vendettas. If ya’ll know the REAL TRUTH about President Trump and stand by him no matter what, SHARE THIS NOW before the press spreads more lies!