BUILD IT: Top Republican Just Told Trump GENIUS Plan To Make Dems Pay For The Wall

Today one of the top Republicans in the House, Representative Steve King, unveiled his own genius plan to FORCE Dems to pay for the Border Wall.

King was on FOX News last night when he revealed the sure-fire plan that will give the Democrat Party chills

Trump needs to VETO any appropriations bill without the Wall until they give up!

Rep. King revealed the plan on FOX News last night,

“The president said he is going to build the wall. If he vetoes an appropriation bill because it lacks funding for the wall — 1.6 billion. If he vetoes that, Congress has to override the veto. The votes won’t be there to override a presidential veto and eventually, this will get done.”

King also brought up the very underreported fact that Dems are also threatening their own Government shutdown if Trump refuses to give abortion funding to Planned Parenthood.

“The other thing is the Democrats are ready to shut the government down if they don’t get half a billion dollars of funding for Planned Parenthood. So whose principles are stronger here? The Democrats wanting to fund the abortion that comes out of Planned Parenthood or the Republicans like me and the president who want to follow through on the mandate that came from the American people.”

When you put it in those terms, President Trump is definitely gonna be able to pull this off. Let’s show Trump the American people voted on their wall by sharing this plan out everywhere so the President himself sees it.