Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY After Bikers For Trump Showed Up In Phoenix Yesterday

Before President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona last night, Antifa terrorists promised that they would fill the hours leading up to it with violence and chaos. However, you may have noticed that before the rally, nothing of note happened at all and Trump’s supporters were free to enter the convention center he was speaking at in peace.

Now, it has been revealed that this was largely due to the efforts of Bikers for Trump, who were at the scene to ensure that Antifa protesters were too afraid to do anything.

“No one is going to be assaulted as long as we’re here,” one of the bikers told reporters at the scene, according to The Gateway Pundit.

In a truly touching moment, some Bikers for Trump members gathered before President Trump’s Phoenix rally to pray for the safety of all those who are attending the event. They prayed to God that protesters didn’t turn violent and that attendees return to their families safe and sound after the rally