Laura Ingraham Has A Message For Trump! Dems Freaking Out!

Laura Ingraham on Wednesday poked fun by tweeting that President Trump should hold a campaign rally every week, after Tuesday’s rally being a YUGE success, and in turn the “ashen faces” she saw on cable news. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Trump [should] give a national a big rally speech every week. The ashen faces on cable this morning tell you how successful it was. Very.” Ingraham tweeted.

President Trump was attacked from the crooked liberal media after his rally Tuesday night in Phoenix, AZ. During the event, President Trump covered many subjects from hinting a pardon for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, threatening to shut down the government over funding for a border wall, criticizing Republican senators, re-reading his response to the Charlottesville violence, disclosing ANTIFA, and calling out the crooked liberal media to name a few.

Immediately following the rally, CNN’s ‘Fake News’ Don Lemon, had a complete meltdown saying after the speech that President Trump “lied directly to the American people, and igniting civil war.” MSNBC’s clown Joe Scarborough, said Wednesday morning that President Trump was “at his worst,” calling the rally “hateful” and “frightening.” (VIDEO BELOW)

The ‘Destroy Trump Media’ is completely unhinged and triggered at every move the President makes, and this just proves he is doing something RIGHT! Thank you President Trump! Do you agree with Laura Ingraham? Should President Trump have a rally every week? We think so! 🙂

The video below is Don Lemon freaking out: