BREAKING NEWS: Look What Just Happened at Donald Trump’s Phoenix Rally

President Donald Trump is preparing to speak at a rally tonight in Phoenix, Arizona. Right before going onstage, Trump did something that shows exactly what kind of a president that he is.

The Gateway Pundit reported that hours before heading to Phoenix, Trump quietly travelled to the border city of Yuma, Arizona. There, he took time out of his busy schedule to meet with U.S. Marines at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. Though the mainstream media tries to make it look like Trump is the most hated president of all time, he was greeted with cheers when he got out of his car to meet the Marines

We're at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma as Pres. Donald J. Trump greets Marines ahead of a planned campaign rally in Phoenix, where he's expected to be greeted by large protests.

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

During his time in office, Barack Obama ignored the U.S. military as much as possible. We’re glad to see that we finally have a president who takes time to meet the men and women who risk their lives for our country!

This comes as Trump is preparing to speak in Phoenix. When asked what Trump plans to talk about, Vice President Mike Pence said that he will be “completely focused” on his agenda for the country.

“He’s also going to call on the Congress to get ready to come back when they arrive on Sept. 5th and go straight to work to make America safe again, make America prosperous again, and in his words, to make America great again,” said Pence. He was flying separately to Phoenix to introduce Trump at the rally.

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