As Trump Stepped Off The Plane in Phoenix, He Looked Down & Saw a Sign From GOD

President Trump just held a massive rally in Phoenix Arizona and he took his message directly to the people. (Watch the rally at the bottom of this page)

He has been in a WAR with the mainstream media for two weeks, as they try to paint him as a racist. But what Trump saw today when he arrived in Phoenix PROVES he is winning this war against the lying media. (Video Below)

Now watch what they were chanting. Despite the media’s attempt to frame them as violent racists, WATCH these Trump supporters chant “peace and love” to the small crowd of protesters. Of course you won’t see any CNN or MSNBC cameras showing this.

Now here’s the best part! Right Side Broadcasting talked a black Trump supporter who had a message for the mainstream media and destroyed their entire message.SHARE this post on Facebook so we can push back against their LIES about Trump being racist!