HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON IS DONE – Feds Make Surprise Announcement

Hillary Clinton thought she was finally out of the woods and had gotten away with the many crimes that she has committed against the U.S. Unfortunately for her, however, she just learned that she is dead wrong.

The Gateway Pundit reported that a Ukrainian lawmaker is calling for a criminal investigation to be launched into Clinton for colluding with Ukraine in her plight to win the White House. Andrei Derkach wrote a letter to Ukraine’s prosecutor general claiming the interference in last year’s election has “seriously damaged Ukrainian-American relations.”

He requested that authorities launch a pretrial investigation into “illegal interference in the election of President of the United States organized by a criminal organization.” He explained that this organization consisted of senior members of the country’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau, government officials, and other public figures.

This comes after it was reported that Ukrainian politicians and diplomats may have cooperated with people connected to the Democratic National Committee to hamper Donald Trump’s candidacy and bolster Clinton’s presidential bid. Trump addressed this on Twitter on July 25 when he called on the U.S. attorney general’s office to investigate “Ukrainian efforts to sabotage the Trump campaign.”

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