WATCH: Ann Coulter DESTROYS Smug Univision Anchor Jorge Ramos on Live TV

A newly surfaced video is going viral this weekend showing Ann Coulter destroy television host Jorge Ramos in a debate about immigration.

Breitbart reported that the best part of the interview came when Coulter got Ramos to admit he doesn’t believe there should be a limit to how many Mexicans the United States will allow into this country, either legally or illegally.

“One last question and you asked we ask on Twitter: Tell me anything new that is not known generally,” Ramos asked Coulter

“Well, obviously you brought one up: 30 million illegals, not 11,” Coulter fired back, referring to an exchange from the beginning of the interview.

“It’s 11, it’s 11,” Ramos insisted. “Not 30 million.”

“More Nigerians than English since the 1970 immigration law,” she responded. “Oh, that the people who passed the 1965 immigration law—Teddy Kennedy, the rest of the Democrats—they swore up and down it would not change the ethnic composition of this country. This has been the most dramatic historic ethnic change to any nation in world history. This is with lying to the American people—and without even consulting the American people on it, which is why I’m particularly enraged that every night I can see enthusiasm on MSNBC for ‘the browning of America, the browning of America, the browning of America.’ But if I say, ‘I don’t like what you’ve done,’ oh, that’s racist.”

Ramos went on to ask Coulter if she thinks America is a “stronger nation” because it’s “more diverse, more tolerant.”

“It’s not more diverse, it’s more Mexican,” Coulter shot back.

“I think it’s more diverse—much more diverse,” Ramos replied.

Coulter then concluded the interview with a question for Ramos.

“We have taken in one quarter of the entire Mexican population,” Coulter asked him. “At what point will we have taken in enough, in your view?”

“I think that with the legal system—“ he began.

“Half the Mexican population? The entire Mexican population?” Coulter pressed.

“No, I think with the legal system we wouldn’t need and we wouldn’t be having hundreds of people dying crossing the border,” Ramos replied.

“That isn’t an answer to the question,” Coulter corrected him. “One quarter of the Mexican population. How much more do we have to take?”

“It’s an economic situation,” he said. “As long as you have people here who need immigrants and workers and as long as you have workers needing a job, they’re going to be coming here. It’s an economic situation.”

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