“How Dare You!” Robert Davi to Wolf Blitzer who says Barcelona was a copycat of Charlottesville

Robert Davi is a celebrated Hollywood figure. He has appeared in over 130 films. Over the years he has come under fire for his “conservative” political views. He has been able to navigate the overwhelmingly Liberal film industry because of his gracious attitude and consistent diplomacy.

He is well known in conservative political circles, making many appearances at conventions such as CPAC. He usually refrains from wading into the political world too far, at least until now. It seems CNN has finally gone too far.

Robert Davi was so incensed by the report showcased on CNN by Wolf Blitzer that he took to Twitter. He made a video that speaks for itself.

In order to set the proper context of his video, you have to see what Wolf Blitzer actually said. There are plenty of people on the right calling out Wolf Blitzer and CNN for their stunt, but none as star studded as Richard Davi.

Here is a video Snip of CNN’s News Broadcast:

Robert Davi uploaded his Video to Twitter. We have uploaded that Video to Youtube, in the event Twitter takes it down.