ALERT: Hillary Rodham Clinton Resurfaces to Do the UNTHINKABLE


Hillary Clinton was spotted on a luxury vacation in Canada on Tuesday

Daily Mail reported that Clinton is at a five star resort in Quebec with her husband, daughter, and grandchildren. The failed 2016 presidential candidate was seen keeping herself hidden from the sun in a wide-brimmed straw visor while Chelsea wore a creamsicle-colored 2012 US Open hat that has become her summertime staple.

The vacation falls in the same three weeks Hillary would have had off had she been elected president, but she now has a bit more free time.

Not as much however as her unemployed son-in-law, who has been out of work since earlier this year.

The decision to head north of the border was made by Hillary after she received an invite to visit the tiny village of North Hatley from one of its most famous residents and her favorite authors,  Louise Penny.

The author of the popular Inspector Gamache series shared the news with CBC Montreal last week.

‘As you might have heard, President and Secretary Clinton, along with family and dear friends, will be visiting Quebec’s Eastern Township in mid-August, as my guests, on a brief private getaway,’ said Penny.

‘They’ll be exploring the beautiful area, enjoying the sights, and most of all, relaxing.’

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