President Donald Trump Plans Return Home to Trump Tower

President Donald Trump is scheduled to return to Trump Tower on Monday night, the skyscraper building bearing his name in New York City that served as his home before he was elected president.

Three different groups of protesters have already flocked around the building to protest Trump’s response violence in Charlottesville, despite his condemnation of neo-Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists.

A pro-Trump rally of supporters choosing to welcome the president home is also scheduled for this evening.

The president traveled from New Jersey to Washington D.C. on Monday and plans to travel to New York City this evening.

Trump struggles with his desire to visit his home, admitting last week that the security burden it places on New Yorkers makes him hesitant to visit frequently.

“I stay out of Manhattan because it’s so disruptive to go to Manhattan,” Trump told reporters on Thursday at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The president spent the majority of his August recess in New Jersey, as aides described his time there as a “working vacation” while the West Wing was getting renovated.

Prior to the election, Trump enjoyed spending most of his time in the building where he conducted his business and filmed his Apprentice television shows. Despite his 2016 campaign for president, Trump would frequently return home to New York City before going out the following day to campaign in swing states. Trump spent nearly his entire transition period in Trump Tower after winning the election, leaving only on rare occasions.

Trump recalled personally experiencing the difficulty of presidential visits as a New Yorker and acknowledged that the protesters were also a factor in the city when he spoke to reporters on Thursday.

“During the time I lived in Manhattan, whenever the president came in, it was very disruptive and I think I’m probably more disruptive than any of them,” he reflected during his remarks, pointing out that they would have to close Fifth Avenue and 56th Street in the city.