Trump Cleans House – Fires 11,000 People In Federal Government

Before Donald Trump took office, he promised that he would drain the swamp like no other president had before. Now, it’s been confirmed that he has followed through with this promise in a huge way.

Young Conservatives reported that in just six months, Trump has shed nearly 11,000 federal employees, reversing a two year trend of gains throughout the executive branch.

This comes as Trump is continuing to clean house in the White House. He fired both his chief of staff Reince Priebus and his communications director Anthony Scaramucci. Independent Journal Review reported that new reports indicate that Trump has suggested firing the Afghanistan war’s top commander, General John Nicholson. Senior officials in the Trump White House say the president has complained that the United States was “losing” the war in Afghanistan.

“We aren’t winning,” he also said.

Trump expressed these concerns during a meeting on July 19 in which he slammed his military advisers, including Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who sat with him in the Situation Room. Trump reportedly did not understand why Mattis was losing ground in Afghanistan even after he already received authority to make changes to military activity in Afghanistan. Mattis responded that the U.S. was losing because it didn’t have the right strategy.


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