Sean Hannity Breaks The Internet With Ominous Tweet

Fox News host set the internet on fire on Monday by posting an ominous message on Twitter.

“Tick tock, tick tock…” Hannity wrote.

This was a tactic that was used often in the 2016 election and by those covering the Trump administration when they have important information or breaking news to release.

This comes after Hannity had dinner with President Donald Trump at the White House on July 26 along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Anthony Scaramucci and former FOX News co-president Bill Shine. Perhaps he was given a piece of information then that he is about to reveal.

During his show on Monday night, Hannity slammed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for his handling of the ongoing Russia investigation. Mediaite reported that Hannity began by calling the investigation itself a “witch hunt,” saying it was “beyond corrupt, beyond political, and has turned into an open-ended fishing expedition.” He then accused Rosenstein of having “inexcusable” conflicts of interest like Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The Fox News host went on to play part of an interview Rosenstein did with Fox News Sunday‘s Chris Wallace, which he insisted that Mueller’s investigation isn’t a fishing expedition.

“Mr. Rosenstein, you can’t be serious,” he reacted. “Now, you’re not going to let the special counsel turn this into a fishing expedition? Sir, it already has!”

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