Hillary Rodham Clinton Emerges – Makes INFURIATING Announcement

Hillary Clinton has spent much of the months since her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election in hiding. Now, however, it’s been revealed that she has actually spent this time writing a memoir that is due out this fall, and what she’s putting in it is downright sickening.

Clinton has made a handful of public appearances in the past few months in which she’s blamed seemingly everyone for her loss, except for herself. Her scapegoats have included former FBI Director James Comey, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and even Barack Obama. She has yet to take any responsibility for her loss herself, of course!

The publisher went so far as to say that this will be a self-help book.

“Drawing upon the inspirational quotations she has collected for decades, she shows us how she became strong in the first place, how to find your core truths, and how to keep going in the face of adversity,” the description read. “In that sense, her book is a guide not just for how to persist in politics but also how to win in the real contest of life.”

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