Charlie Will Not Make It To His First Birthday. It’s Sad. Please Send Your Prayers.

This appears to be the last chapter for young Charlie Gard.

For many months, Chris Gard and Connie Yates have fought with the British National Health Service, the British Courts, and the European Court of Human Rights to regain custody of their baby so that they may take him for experimental treatment abroad.

Doctors in the United States and the Vatican offered potentially life-saving treatment for the child’s rare mitochondrial disease. However, the hospital in which Charlie was being treated would not release him to his parents. After many months of fighting, Chris and Connie have made a truly heart-wrenching decision that no parent should ever have to make.

They will not be seeking to take Charlie for experimental treatment, as too much time has passed between appeals for Charlie to have a fighting chance. They will drop their case against the hospital, and their child will die at the hands of the hospital.

The Associated Press first reported this development at 4 p.m. local time:

The father of critically ill child Charlie Gard says the infant will not make his first birthday in less than two weeks.

In an emotional statement outside of London’s High Court on Monday, Chris Gard said too much time has elapsed in court hearings as the couple fought to have permission to send the child to the United States for experimental medical treatment.

Chris Gard said it was time to let Charlie go and “be with the angels.”

3:20 p.m.

The mother of ill baby Charlie Gard has told Britain’s High Court that they “only wanted to give him a chance of life.”

Hugging her husband Chris Gard and weeping, Connie Yates told the court on Monday that they had decided it was no longer in the best interests of their 11-month-old baby to pursue an experimental treatment in the U.S.

The parents withdrew their legal challenge on Monday.

Charlie will likely not survive the next two weeks. The hospital will remove the life support, and Charlie will succumb to the rare genetic disease which has crippled him since birth.

This is truly one of the most harrowing tales of the 21st century so far. A nation that claims that be so far advanced with its socialized healthcare system has used all its might to ensure that an infant will die.

The State has declared that Charlie’s life did not matter; the State determined that it was “in his best interest” to “die with dignity.” Since when is it the prerogative of the State to determine who shall live and who shall die?

Is that not something that we saw in the 20th century, with mass genocide being the result? This is not a path that a dignified people take.

Young Charlie is the immediate victim in this case, but there may be many more if this kind of sick and autocratic power structure is not properly rolled back. This tragic case is a warning for all peoples who desire the State to control medicine. I pray that this warning is heeded here in the United States.

But for Europe, I fear that it is far too late.