SHOCKING: Sanctuary Cities Promise to Make 1 Million Immigrants Citizens in 2017

Democrats are doing everything they can to sabotage the Trump administration and all of Trump’s supporters. What they are plotting to do next is simply disgusting.

According to reports, 21 cities, most of which are self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities,” want to make another million illegals legal by the time 2017 ends. What they want to ultimately do is “recruit” enough people to legalize and vote AGAINST Trump and anything that the Republicans try to put through.

Among the states are New York, California, some of the cities include New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

The project is called “Naturalize Now” and it will help illegals to stay in the US. The only problem Democrats will face is that this is not legal, nor will it be any time soon.

They don’t talk about the fact President Trump has never  spoken poorly about people who come to this country legally. There is a process to come here, and if that process is followed you are more than welcome to stay.

Illegals are a big problem, they boost our crime rates, take welfare and then claim to be the victim. Trump is just trying to put an end to this. Eric Garcetti, the pathetic mayor from L.A., said:

“We celebrate our independence on July 4, and honor the values of freedom, justice, unity, and equality that makes us who we are.”


It looks like some people still don’t get it. They just want to talk bad about Trump. This all happens are a time when two new bills were just passed. The first is Kate’s Law, which punishes people who keep coming back to the U.S. after being deported with increasingly severe punishments after each capture. The second bill is called No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, which blocks federal grants to sanctuary cities that break federal law.

The Left will not stop trying to take down Trump and anyone who disagrees with their politics.



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