House and Senate reach a deal on RUSSIAN SANCTIONS…

The House and Senate are going to vote on putting more sanctions on Russia, and will include a provision to limit Trump’s ability to turn them back.

The Hill:

The House is slated to vote Tuesday on bipartisan legislation to limit the Trump administration’s ability to lift sanctions on Russia.

The White House had urged lawmakers to water down the provisions limiting its ability to lift sanctions. But the legislation is expected to head to President Trump’s desk without the requested changes.

Procedural hangups had stalled the legislation in the House for weeks after the Senate passed it by a vote of 98-2 last month but negotiators reached a deal that was unveiled on Saturday.

The legislation will be considered under an expedited process that requires a two-thirds majority for passage. That also means it’ll pass by a veto-proof majority.

In addition to imposing new sanctions on Russia, the legislation allows lawmakers to vote to block the Trump administration from making changes to sanctions policy.

This will be really interesting to see how Trump reacts. If there really isn’t anything going on here, then there shouldn’t be a problem right? If he starts going off again on how Putin is a great guy and we kill journalists too, then we’re gonna have a problem, Republic.