Shep Smith Launches VILE Attack On Trump – Should He Be Fired?

Fox News fans are once again calling for host Shep Smith to be fired this week after he launched yet another vile attack on Donald Trump.

Raw Story reported that Smith was reacting to the interview this week in which Trump suggested that he now viewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions as a “traitor.”

“President Trump told the New York Times in an interview for the ages that Bob Mueller would cross a ‘red line’ if he looked into his or his family’s finances,” Smith said. “Well, he’s looking into his family’s finances—red line crossed, now what?”

Smith went on to say that Trump “slammed top officials at his own Justice department and at the FBI, including one of his biggest campaign supporters, the first senator to come out and support him, the man he called the smartest man in all of the United States Senate, the man he appointed his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, apparently is now a traitor.”

The Fox News host then mocked the president for saying that it was “unfair” for Sessions to recuse himself from the Department of Justice’s Russia investigation, saying, “you take the job, then you get the information which makes it clear that ethically you have to recuse yourself, and you recuse yourself.”

Twitter users, however, made it clear that they want Smith and his anti-Trump attitude gone:

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