Melania Compared To Michelle In 3 Brutal Images

Seth Connell reports that President Trump is having some difficulties in recent public opinion polls, but his wife Melania is climbing higher in the public’s eye.

A recent Fox News poll revealed that Melania Trump has been on the up and up when it comes to public opinion. As of the recent poll, Melania holds a 51% approval rating. That’s up by 14 points since December, and 16 since last summer.

And those who disapprove of her? 28% disapprove; and 20% could not give a rating for her.

The increase is across party lines and ages as well, not just among Republicans.

The First Lady enjoys a surge in favorability across the board; Republicans (+24), Democrats (+12), men (+17), women (+15), voters under age 45 (+18) and ages 45 and over (+16) all view her more positively than a year ago.

More men (55 percent) than women (48 percent) have a favorable opinion of Mrs. Trump.

That last part I don’t find terribly surprising. After all, men tend to like good-looking women…

What’s interesting about this is that Melania has a higher approval rating at this point in her husband’s Presidency than Hillary Clinton did when she was First Lady.

According to the Independent Journal Review, Hillary held just a 49% approval rating, while her husband Bill held a 51% rating as the President. This is a contrast between the usual trend, where First Ladies tend to be more popular due to their less controversial role in the White House.

While she’s not as popular as certain former First Ladies such as Laura Bush or Michelle Obama, she’s making headway in the public’s eye. Now to get her husband’s approval rating to be higher, that’s proving to be a more difficult challenge, it seems…