If You Use An Apple Device, You Need To See This Warning Right NOW

For all of you that love your phone fruit–you need to read this.

If you don’t, your Apple phone is susceptible to some serious problems–Hackers could control your phone. Really.

According to The Washington Post:

Apple has released a software update to iOS and macOS that you should download right away.

The security update patches a dangerous vulnerability in WiFi chips that allows hackers to “execute arbitrary code” — industry-speak for taking over your device. Through the WiFi chip, a hacker may be able to assume control of your device’s processor, the central computer that runs everything else.

To take advantage of the flaw, known as Broadpwn, all an attacker has to do is get within range of your WiFi device, according to Nitay Artenstein, the security researcher at Exodus Intelligence who discovered the problem and reported it.

In other words, unless you live in the middle of absolutely nowhere and your surroundings look like the first chapter of a Stephen King novel–you should download the update. Immediately.

Unless you like someone taking your fruit (and possible a bunch of your personal information).