Former Miss USA BREAKS THE INTERNET, Reveals Shocking Truth About Trump

he mainstream media is constantly trying to make President Donald Trump look like an evil person. That’s why you won’t be hearing about this story from CNN…

The Daily Caller reported that 2006 Miss USA Tara Conner spoke out this week to reveal a different side of the president that many Americans never see. Eleven years ago, Conner was almost stripped of her crown after being caught drinking underage and testing positive for cocaine, but Trump gave her a second chance at life that she never forgot.

Now that she’s been sober for 10 years, Conner wrote an oped thanking Trump for giving her the opportunity to get help for her substance abuse problem.

“Donald Trump had a choice. He could have fired me or he could have given me an opportunity to get help and thank God he chose to give me that opportunity because it was a huge step forward to the recovery movement,” she said. “I believe he saw the good in me and had a deeper understanding of what I was dealing with, having lost a brother to alcoholism.”

She added that she credits Trump for offering her the opportunity for treatment and is now focused on making that opportunity for the 22 million Americans that struggle with addiction.

“Ultimately, I feel as though every American should be afforded the same opportunity that I was given,” Conner explained. “Addiction is a progressive disease, and substance misuse is the leading cause of death for those 50 and under.”

Conner explained that she and Trump stayed in touch over the years and have even raised money together for the Caron Treatment Centers.

“He has the opportunity to save so many lives. There’s over 40 million Americans that are impacted by addiction and it’s not being treated as the health care crisis that it is,” Conner said.

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