Maxine Waters Makes Nightmare 2020 Promise. Do You Take Her Seriously?

Say it isn’t so: Perpetually confused Democrat Maxine Waters just made a promise about the 2020 election that should leave every conservative nauseous.

The California liberal recently hinted to The Daily Caller that she hasn’t ruled out a run for the White House… but the most hilarious claim may be that Waters thinks she is a hero of young Americans.

At first, the Congresswoman dismissed the notion that a scheduled appearance in New Hampshire had anything to do with presidential ambitions.

“I’m just going up to do a county Democratic thing. That’s all,” she said.

Waters then denied a desire to sit in the Oval Office, but quickly contradicted herself.

“I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations,” she claimed. Then she changed her tune.

“If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though,” she revealed.

Rep. Waters has been a harsh — and sometimes wild-eyed — critic of President Trump and Republicans in general.

“Mr. Speaker, my position against this president and his administration is clear. I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president,” exclaimed the lawmaker during a recent House speech.

Water is known for making off-the-wall and sometimes confusing statements, as well as being an outspoken liberal.

During the Obama era, she was caught on camera admitting that she wanted to socialize and “take over” private companies.

“Guess what this liberal would be all about?” she asked during a 2008 House session. “This liberal would be about socializing … uh, umm.… Would be about, basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”


More recently, the unhinged Democrat led a chant of “Impeach 45!” which lasted for several minutes. She then finished her public speaking with a call for followers to “Stay woke.”

Comments such as that one, and her odd claim that she would run for president “if the millennials” want her, make Waters seem like an over-the-hill outsider who is desperate to be hip. At 78-years-old, Maxine is more likely to break a hip.

Her presidential ambitions would be hilarious if they weren’t so pathetic. At the very least, a Waters versus Trump showdown in 2020 would be nothing short of entertaining.

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