How to Establish Muslim Gangs and Make Pressure Cooker Bombs. IS Guide Book in Circulation

Recently a book was released by an IS supporter. This book is meant for muslims who believe in the Wahabi philosophy of Islam.

This book is being circulated amongts muslims in the UK and many other nations. We are not sure if they have entered the US boundaries too. But, these books are dangerous.

The book has bomb making instrutions and recruitment strategies to form a ‘Muslim Gang’. Further, the book suggests that gang members should carry out muggins and fraud to collect money. This money will be used to buy weapons and bombmaking material.

This book guides ‘Jehadis’ to use booby traps to fortify their homes.

As DailMail eleborates (

“Radicals are encouraged to build pressure cooker bombs, inspired by the horrific Boston Marathon bomb attack. It also lays out advice on cell phone detonators and car bombs.
Gang members are encouraged to carry out muggings and acts of credit card fraud to pay for weapons and materials for large scale attacks.

Even police anti-terror tactics are scrutinised, as well as lengthy quotes of guidance from the dead terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

It goes on to explain how to test improvised devices as well as obtain more money and weapons. “




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