Why is Dennis Rodman insulting America ?

Dennis Rodman, the former NBA star had recently visited North Korea and things he has to say about Kim Jong-Un and his country will boil your blood and make you hate him.

Rodman spoke about his recent visit to North Korea during an interview on “Good Morning America”. Most of his statements were controversial and the most absurd thing he said was that the even N. Korea has a “good side”.

Rodman, referring Kim Jong-Un as a friend, said, “people don’t see … the good side of that country. I think people don’t see him as … a friendly guy. If you actually talk to him,” you would see a different side of the dictator”. He compared his visit to N. Korea like visiting Asia, Istanbul, and Turkey.

Does Rodman wants us to forget Kim’s unimaginable cruelties against his own people – just because Roadman finds him “a friendly guy”. The basketball star happily told, “We sing karaoke. It’s all fun. Ride horses, everything.”
Further, Rodman added, “It’s the politics that’s the bad thing.” It means for Rodman politics means running a dictatorial state and starving and torturing thousands of own countrymen for no fault.

It seemed that Rodman did not want to understand that Kim isn’t that stupid a man who would show him that bad side of his personality and country.

It looks like Rodman mind has been affected by Kim’s lunacy because no American in his right senses would ever think of Kim, who kills his own people, as a funny guy and that North Korea is a good place to live or visit.

What do you think of Rodman’s comments?

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