Unbelievable Relations Between Man and his Pig. You wont believe it.

A man in Braga in Prtugal was caught in the act after hsi relatives called the police. This man was having sex with a pig.

Local reporters reported that he was caught previous as well by the locals for having intercourse with hens and some other animals. This man is a alcoholic. Thus, he will go through a mental test to determine if he should face the trial or be spared.

At the moment he is under an offical criminal investigation and the case is with the local court.

This man is a jobless bachelor and had never been charged for any crime in the past, officially. He is said to have grown up in a problem family with a pethatic background. Some local newspapers tought that this case was a case of zoophilia. Zoophilia is a terms used for sex with animals.

It is believed that this is a frequent crime in Portugal according to the animal protection groups.

Darryl Gene Scoggin, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was arrested on a Christmas eve for having sex with a goat.

We wonder if this is yet another accepted way of life for liberals.




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