This frightening incident happened at a Colorado beach.

A 32-year-old plumber from Fort Collins, Colorado, named Angelo Mondragon was out swimming with his family on a Sunday afternoon when this frightening situation happened.

As Mondragon was “walking around in the waist-deep water” at the Windsor Lake Swim Beach, he felt something brushing against his leg. He recalls,” It felt like something you normally wouldn’t feel in the water”. He then used his leg to kick up the object and he noticed a baby’s foot float up to the surface. “I just dove in and my parent instincts took over. I grabbed her out of the water and screamed ‘Whose baby is this?’”

As Mondragon called for help, the little girl, 4-year-old Sitali Hernandez was carried back to the shore. He saw the girl was not moving and was turning blue. Soon the girl was rushed to Children’s Hospital in Aurora after the paramedics performed CPR on Sitali.

On Monday, Mondragon went to the hospital to see the little girl and met with her mother. He learned that the child was a lot better.

When Sitali’s mother asked him what made him leap into action, he said that he is greatly attached to his family. “When I saw that little girl’s toes, that became my baby,” he said. “She was my family and I did everything that I could, that I would do for my family.”

Sitali’s mother expressed her gratitude towards Mondragon for saving her child. “You saved her. You saved her. You saved my baby,” she told him in an emotional reunion outside of the medical center.
This rescue story will restore your faith in humanity and will remind you that good people still exist in the society and are Angel’s in disguise.

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