Why India Is An Important Ally For US?

Recently President Donald Trump pulled out of Paris agreement. He blamed India and China on using the agreement as a mean to extract more money from the Western world.

“In order to fulfill my solemn duty to the United States and its citizens, the US will withdraw from the Paris climate accord, but begin negotiations to re-enter either the Paris accords or a really entirely new transaction, on terms that are fair to the United States,” the US president told press in the White House rose garden.

This was followed by lots of criticism by the supporters of global warming theory. Many people called this a step backward. Many world leaders too criticized this decision. Some of US allies too were furious

China reacted furiously . But, when all this was happening, Indian Government did not react.

Few days back the Indian Prime Minister Modi was at the White House. Both the leaders talked on various bilateral issues and they also talked about economic and military cooperation. But, there was no discussion about the Paris Agreement.

After Modi came to power in India with an absolute majority, this largest democracy has come much closer to the strongest democracy. Modi had cordial relations with President Obama. And, as it seems, Modi has found another good friend in the White House.

Trump wants to get back the jobs and make America Great Again. Modi wants to make India a manufacturing hub and surpass China. And, both these visions seemed to collide with each other and might have ended the good relations. But, thanks to the leadership, they have made these two visions synergistic.

What can India give us?

India is the fastest growing economy in the world.

It also happens to be the fastest growing aviation market in the world.

It also happens to be the fastest growing solar market in the world.

It also happens to be the fastest growing energy consumer market in the world.

India government is working on a huge program to ensure that by 2030 only electric cars are sold.

And, all these are big opportunities for American companies.

SpiceJet Ltd, an Indian airline company, has placed an order to purchase 100 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, valued at $11 billion, from Boeing Co.

India plans to generate 200+ GW energy per year through renewable energy. Especially the main focus is on Solar Energy. American companies are already selling solar panels and technologies to India. This will grow substantially in the coming years.

US is one of the nations that can provide high-end technology to India in electric and hydrogen cars. By 2030 India will stop selling of gasoline cars in it’s market. Only electric cars will be sold by then.  India already is the second fastest growing  market for passenger vehicles among the top five nations globally.

US and India have a separate nuclear treaty and US is giving all supports for India’s entry into NSG. India requires energy and clean energy. US already have signed deals for multiple nuclear plants.

There can be no further doubt about President Trump’s understanding of the geo political dynamics after his meeting with Modi. Modi was all praises for the President.

Trump smartly balanced China in the South China sea without spending a single cent. China and Russia have challenged the US dominance in the region. Japan is a strong ally in that region but it is not strong enough to counter both the enemies at the same time. With India joining US and Japan the entire dynamics in that region will change.

In South Asia, Pakistan had been perpetrating terrorism since long. Ironically Pakistan is an ally of US in the war against terrorism. Pakistan allowed US military supplies to pass through it’s land and thus helped US army to enter Afghanistan and root out Taliban there.

But, nothing comes free. US until now have paid Pakistan more than $30 billion for it’s role against terrorism. But, the world knows Pakistan harbors terror groups and help fund the terrorists across the world. With India in Pakistan can be added to the list of Muslim nations under new migration policy of the Trump administration.

US have been investing billions of dollars in Afghanistan but still it is one of the most hated countries there. India is the most loved country although , it invested far less than US . A survey few years back reveled that 2 out of every 3 Afgani wants US out and India in.

As RT elaborates 

” They (US)  have invested some $50 billion in the country, some 50 times what India has put into the country.

And yet according to a recent poll, one in two Afghans want America out, while three in four want India in.”

Thus, global politics in the region, economic cooperation and dependence, strategic partnership, nuclear deals and democratic setups have made both these nations a natural ally.

President Trump has proved to the world that he is one of the best Presidents who understands the global politics and can act in the right direction. First Saudi and now India.




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