What happened at a gas station will leave you screaming!

It’s not a usual day when you see something strange at a gas station. There was something strange at a gas station that caught the attention of a motorist.

In Cerdartown, Georgia at a busy gas station one pump was seen difficult to pull out. This curious 17-year-old boy who was there with his father to get gas, noticed a snake curled up in the pump. This boy named Brandon Radke came ahead to the rescue and he used his shirt and the nozzle of the pump to slowly wiggle out the snake from inside the pump.

As the brave boy caught the snake, the crowd at the gas station gave shrieks and shouts of shock. You can hear women saying, “Oh my gosh” over and over as the snake was being pulled out of the pump/
It was rat snake about 4 feet in length. Though these snakes are non-venomous, still Radke courage was exemplary and he was quiet calm at this moment.

Radke said, ” Snakes are afraid of us and they just want to be left alone, but unfortunately he was in a gas pump.” He said he was extremely cautious as he handled the snake which he learned from watching Steve Irwin on The Crocodile Hunter

Radke said what he did was “no big deal” but the locals are regarding him as a Hero. One excited woman said,” You are one brave soul” when he finally removed the snake.
Watch the video below to see what happened at the gas station.

The snake was left in the woods near the gas station so that it could live in its natural habitat.

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