Secret revealed – Why

Do you think there is some other reason for all that's happening in this show?

President today twitted about the “poorly rated Morning Joe by “Crazy Mika” and “Psycho Joe” after keeping quite for such a long time. Mika and Joe have nothing to discuss except the President.  And whatever best happens to America these two never spare to say bad about the President.


But, we will tell you the real reason. Everyone wonders why Mika targets the President all the time. There are other important issues that need to be urgently discussed.

Here is the secret.

Their show have lost the ratings as well as the credibility. They are not even in top 10 or 20 top programs. See the proof below. These are the second quarter results of TV Newser (Cable News Show Ranker)

Q2 ’17 Cable News Show Ranker: Total Viewers by Anonymous wFkpg90 on Scribd

And what is the best way to gain attention and support of thousands of liberals across the nation? Abuse Trump, bash trump, say bad about the President, disrespect him by all means, insult him and insult the patriots.

Do you think there is some other reasons for all that’s happening in this show?




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