Saudi citizen on run from murder charges.

A Saudi national, Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah, of 21 years became U.S. fugitive after he fled removing his monitoring device. He allegedly killed 15-year-old Fallon Smart in a hit-and-run crash last August and was given first-degree manslaughter and reckless driving charges.

According to Fox News, Noorah had a $100,000 bond posted for his release from prison by Saudi Arabian consulate after a month of him being charged.

He was released and was ordered to remain in his residence with a monitoring device around his ankle. It is reported that he removed his monitoring device and fled and is yet to be found.

Noorah came to U.S. in 2014 to attend Portland Community College. Smart’s uncle, Shane Smart in his Facebook post said that his family resisted any kind of bail for Noorah believing that the Saudi national would escape.

“From Day 1, our family objected to a bail because of things known about Abdulrahman Noorah that made us believe he was a flight risk,” Smart posted on Facebook. “The deputy district attorney representing the state’s case against Abdulrahman Noorah expressed our objection of allowing a bail and house arrest to the presiding Judge.”

Saudi Arabia frequently supports bail for its citizens. In 2013, a Saudi princess was accused of human trafficking but her charged were dropped after Saudi consulate posted a $5 million bail for her.




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