Read what Condoleeza Rice has to say about Trump and you may be shocked!

Whatever you say about President Donald Trump’s wordiness, but he still stands for American values just like the former Presidents – at least, this is what Condoleeza Rice believes and says.

Ms. Rice while speaking at KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit recently, advocated for Trump and his speeches saying that he always had the best interests of United States in his heart.

During a Wednesday appearance on Squawk Box, she said, ““I believe every president of the United States stands for our values. You heard President Trump say, for instance, after the Syrian chemical attack, we can’t let that stand. What he was saying was the president of the United States can’t let that stand.”

These comments came two days after the White House sent a warning statement to Syrian Government that if the country’s president Bashar al-Assad directed for more chemical warfare, Syria will have to pay a “heavy price” for it.

While some key players and officials at State Department that helped to create Middle East policy at Pentagon told NBC News that they were unaware about Trump’s administration about issuing such statement about military action against Syria.
Contrary to NBC reports, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that all relevant agencies were contacted before issuing such statement.

But this is not the first time Trump issued a statement without consulting senior officials. The same thing happened when Trump signed a travel ban order just after days of taking office. He also ordered an air strike in Yemen after consulting only a few key advisors.

Rice said “While the language may be different, and we might talk about needing to deal with policy, I think you’re going to see…that Americans’ interests in values are always linked. It’s early days in this administration. Let’s remember that.”

She may have noted Trump’s approach to foreign policy is different from other former Presidents, but she affirms that Trump is handling the government affairs based on the ideals the U.S was built upon.




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