An ISIS loyalist from North Carolina get life sentence.

21-year-old Justin Nojan Sullivan of Morganton, North Carolina was sentenced life imprisonment for attempting to commit an act of terrorism in support of ISIS by pleading to “murder” hundreds of Americans.

The sentence was slammed by a federal judge after Sullivan was found guilty of plotting and attack in a public place that could have claimed hundreds of lives.

According to a local newspaper, Sullivan, a local of North Carolina had planned to start the “Islamic State of America”. He was planning for his first terror attack. He is still facing charges of murdering a 74-year-old man whom he allegedly shot back in December 2014.
The newspaper reported that he watched Islamic State beheading and Execution videos from a long time and also took part in online chats related to the ISIS.

Later he came in contact with a now-deceased ISIS recruiter Junaid Hussain from Syria. Hussain advised Sullivan to plan an attack and film it so that it could be used as a propaganda video for the group.

U.S. Attorney Jill Westmoreland Rose claims that the internet and social media played a large role in Sullivan’s radicalization and said “Certainly the use of social media by foreign terrorist organizations, particularly ISIS, is one of the ways that they’re most effective. They know this is a way to win the hearts and minds of American youth or those who may be disenfranchised in some way.”

The authorities were first tipped by Sullivan’s father, a retired Marine. He suspected that his son to be involved with the IS group. Justin’s father, Rich Sullivan said, “As parents, we’re not happy but as Americans, we accept what just happened.”

Now this young boy will be spending rest of his life in prison. Please let us know what do you think about such young men being misguided to take the wrong path.

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