Three Muslim Brothers and Their Family Members May Be Involved in DNC Email Leak

Recently, three Muslim brothers named Abid, Imran and Jamal were caught accessing Congress people computer networks without any authorization. It is hinted that they might have also seen some very important classified information.

These three men were being overpaid and they were getting atleast $160,000 and one of them even had a criminal background. It is unclear how they were hired by Democrats.

Watch the video below for more insights into this news:

According to Breitbart, these three men are currently being investigated for any ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is believed that they may have leaked some very important information from the House of Representatives.

These individuals were also responsible for theft and over priced the computer equipment. They are believed to have made some extra bucks out of this deal. Apart from this, these three and the wife of Imran have been working as information technology employees of the House and have been making $160,000 a year.




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