Look what FISA court documents revealed about Obama administration

There was an extremely disturbing document which The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) recently unsealed. The document is said to be related Obama Administration’s hearing conducted in October.

The Liberal media trying to be balanced in this coverage will attack pieces with photos of former President showing nearness to billionaires and other elite. Not very surprisingly, Obama was controlled by this elite lobby.

What FISA discloses, will be a big surprise to the liberals, about their beloved Mr. Obama. When the case gets justice, his accommodation will be done on another island with a small resort in Guantanamo Bay. He can also take Michelle with him for this stay, courtesy of the law-abiding taxpayer’s hard earned money. Michelle can continue her useful work from the prison like making sleeveless innate uniforms or campaigning for making origami condoms.

Notwithstanding most happily married couples drifting towards more better ways to occupy their time than folding origami. But once they choose the path to hell by doing something wrong, everybody has their own origination down the slippery slope. Hopefully, Obamas will soon be seeing the courts and then eventually prison.

FISA recently opened a document which has the details of yet another crime by Former President Obama and his administration. This document shows that National Security Agency violated American privacy protections under the Former President.

In describing the violations, the FISA court said the illegal searches conducted by the NSA under Obama were “widespread” and created a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

These new discoveries come from a recently unsealed FISA court document dated April 26, 2017 and center around a hearing dated October 26, 2017, just days before the 2016 election, in which the FISA court apparently learned for the first time of “widespread” and illegal spying on American citizens by the NSA under the Obama administration.

These documents also throw some light on why Former President Obama regularly kept the company of people like Sir Bronson and Tom Hanks and took their help to blow up the alleged corruption of President Trump.





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