Breaking : Ethics violations by Top Democrats

Republicans John Conyers and Ben Ray Lujan have been accused of ethics violations.

From Zerohedge:
Democrats have been having turbulent times recently as the made up Russia cooperation story crumbled and some of the veteran leaders of the party are facing allegations for conspiring with Clinton campaign or for submitting a fraud loan application and pressuring a regional lender (Bernie and Jane Sanders).

Both the Republicans Conyers and Lujan will appear before a panel at the recommendations of the Office of Congressional Ethics for the possible ethics infractions. The OCE is an independent group that reviews ethics complaints and forawards the serious ones to the Ethics Committee.

While the ethics charges are not that serious like the Senate probe into Lynch or the FBI investigations of Sanders, but they bring out the another black face of Democrats who have been unceasingly criticizing President Trump’s “business conflicts” which are now exposed as plain hypocrisy.

The House panel announced that Michael Collins, chief of staffRep John Lewis is also under review. The Ethics committe did not reveal the exact allegations, but the Hill has a few ideas.

“As is typically the case, the Ethics Committee did not specify the allegations surrounding the three Democrats. But Luján has been the subject of complaints filed by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a conservative watchdog group, alleging the DCCC chairman violated ethics rules by soliciting campaign donations following the Democrats’ sit-in on the House floor in June 2016 to protest Republican inaction on gun reform.”

“They protested for TWENTY-SIX LONG HOURS, but Republicans refused to lift a finger,” read one DCCC solicitation at the time. “We need to get 21,673 more gifts in the door today to kick them out of office.”

Collins appears to have violated rules regarding Congressional staffers seeking outside employment.

“In January, FACT filed a separate complaint against Lewis and Collins, alleging that Collins’s role as both Lewis’s chief of staff and campaign treasurer violated rules limiting outside employment by House staffers.

“Even in the limited instances where outside employment is allowed, the amount that can be earned is capped at $27,255,” FACT said at the time. “In this case, Collins was earning $27,495 as Lewis’ campaign treasurer, a prohibited salary for a prohibited position.”

Conyers is assumed to have paid a former staff member even when she was not longer working for him.

“Conyers’s office has been under OCE review over the last year surrounding allegations that a former staffer, Cynthia Martin, may have been paid during months when she was no longer employed by the office. In February, the OCE recommended that the Ethics Committee review whether Martin “accepted compensation that was not commensurate with the work she was performing.”

Each of these individuals told that they are cooperating with the investigators to quickly resolve the issues and we await that the next in the process will be Maxine Waters, who is considered as the champion of resistance by the liberals despite her history of frauds and conflicts.




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