Gowdy Faces Major Pressure Over Hillary Investigation

Gowdy Faces Major Pressure Over Hillary Investigation
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By Rachel Moore – June 19, 2017
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Hillary Clinton was caught in the middle of so many scandals lately. She is definitely one of the most corrupted politicians. Clinton was pretty self-confident, and decided to go for a second presidential run. Let’s just say that this mistake brought her political career to an end. Trey Gowdy is one of the very few people who want to know the truth. However, someone wants him out of the game.

The Clintons are used to getting away with everything they do. This family is involved in almost every scandal that shocked America, and they’re still out of jail. If convicted, Hillary could spend the rest of her life in jail, and Bill could earn his ticket for that direction, too.

Gowdy promised to reveal the truth. He couldn’t just stand the hypocrisy. Seeing Hillary walk free is the last thing decent Americans want to see. She’s done more harm to this country than any other criminal. Justice has to find its way out, and Gowdy will give it a hand.

He never felt intimidated or influenced by the Clintons or their friends. Gowdy faced pressure during his investigation into Clinton. The letter to Defense Secretary Ash Carter included the Pentagon chief and one of his top people. He suggested that they both “intentionally mischaracterized both the nature of the Committee’s investigation and it’s interaction with the Department of Defense.”

“It is also riddled with factual inaccuracies, which not only does a disservice to the public but also does a disservice to the women and men who work for the Department of Defense. Your staff is welcome to waste taxpayer dollars writing partisan, factually deficient letters to our Committee, coordinate the language with House Democrats, and then leak it to the media. That is your prerogative,” Gowdy said.

This is a clear sign that not everyone hopes for justice to find its way out of this mess.

What do you think about this? Do you support Gowdy?




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