Trump Sends Brutal Message To North Korea After Otto Warmbier Dies

After this Monday’s tragic announcement of Otto Warmbier, the Ohio college student’s death who had been released in a coma just last week, President Donald Trump decided to raise his voice on the matter and rip North Korea’s “brutal regime.”

“Lot of bad things happened,” said Trump during a White House meeting, adding “but at least we got him home to be with his parents.”

“It’s a brutal regime,” Trump went on, ”and we’ll be able to handle it.”

For anyone who thinks that President Trump is messing around when he said he will be “handling it,” they need to look back at what happened with Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad. However, despite the harsh words for North Korea, Trump also made some heartfelt comments:

Reports claim that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson came forward saying that the U.S. is holding North Korea accountable for Warmbier’s “unjust imprisonment” and demanded that the dictator releases three other Americans that are being held prisoners for alleged crimes against the state. North Korea has previously been accused of holding the detainees as political pawns.

The fact that American citizens are being held in the same if not worse conditions than Otto Warmbier, for similar or even smaller “crimes” is unsettling, which is why our diplomats are working with full charge at getting them back.

Our prayers go out to Warmbier’s family and they need our support to make it through these hard times, so let’s give them everything we have!




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