The View Again Attacks President Trump

The View Again Attacks President Trump
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By Delano Ben – June 19, 2017
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The View has made it their duty to attack President Donald Trump and his family at any chance they can get. The attacks seem to be getting worse and worse and they have even said some pretty disturbing things about his family. That is one of the reasons why we are seeing their ratings taking a big dip. That is exactly what they deserve and most likely it will continue to go down until they change their outlook on President Trump.

The View has now compared Trump to Raul Castro. This is pretty low, even for them. They somehow got on the subject of America-Cuba relations and it went downhill after that.

“He didn’t really do that much, he didn’t undo what Obama did a hundred percent,” Joy Behar explained. “But he did just enough to say to his base, ‘You see, I undid what Obama did.’ That seems to be what his plan is.”

“No, he did a lot,” Jedediah Bila fired back. “What was happening is American citizens were going over there and funding these establishments, thinking they are promoting democracy and promoting ideas that are good for the Cuba people, but actually all of that money was going to the Cuban military. And that’s what Trump is saying. What the Obama administration did, it did not help the Cuban people.”

Bila is the sole conservative voice on the panel and she gets her fair share of hate for it. They treat the president so unfair.

Whoopi then goes on a rampage when a co-host says that they can’t even criticize their own government.

“You can barely do it here,” Goldberg tried to say. “Let’s talk about that. You know, we’re not there yet.”

Has she totally lost her mind? She obviously is just looking for something to attack the president with. Good luck, Whoopi.




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