Russia Threatens The US – It Will Shot Down Every Aircraft

Russia has notified America and the allies that it will strike down any airplane or drone intrude its region of operations in western Syria. After knocking down a Syrian plane, the Russian ministry of defense stated that any coalition jets flying over the west side of Euphrates is now considered a target.

According to Russia, it was stopping coordination with America involving “deconfliction zones” after a US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet knocked down a Syrian Air Force SU-22.

There was a communication line between US and Russia which purpose was to help coordinate flights to prevent from collisions in the air, but it is also shut down. According to Russia, that line was not used by the US before the shooting of the SU-22.

The line was not even used in April, when President Donald Trump directed the bombing of the Syrian air base due to the chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Since 2015, Russia has been here for Assad’s soldiers when it comes to providing air cover, and even has positioned its S-400 Growler air defense system in the Latakia Airbase on the Syrian soil.

Talking about the Growler, it has a range of 250 miles, and can strike targets up to an altitude of 90,000 feet.

A statement released by the Russian defense ministry, said that it was suspending an agreement after America’s military confirmed that it knocked down a Syrian air force fighter plane on Sunday, after it bombed American partner forces.

“The shooting down of a Syrian Air Force jet in Syria’s airspace is a cynical violation of Syria’s sovereignty,” the ministry stated.

“The US’ repeated combat operations under the guise of ‘combating terrorism’
against the legitimate armed forces of a UN member-country are a flagrant violation of international law and an actual military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic.”




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