Breaking: President Trump just retweeted a supporter’s quote

These past few weeks we have witnessed the media going in against President Trump like never before, with the newest announcement that the Russia investigation will be expanding. However, things took an interesting turn just recently, when the mainstream media outlets suggested that the president should not tweet about Russia, and two Trump supporters made sure their voice was heard, and their message spread and retweeted.

Two famous Trump supporters known as Diamond and Silk, who have been very outspoken about their support of President Trump have took it to twitter and decided to play the same card on the mainstream media, that they played on President Trump.

Shortly put, they posted a tweet in which they wrote: “The Media Says: The President Should Stop Tweeting about Russia. Well, Why Don’t the Media Take Their Own Advice & Stop Talking About It” and shortly after it went viral, even Trump himself retweeted it.

The tweet of course received a lot of praise from supporters all across the nation, but perhaps the most interesting thing was that President Trump himself, showed his own special kind of ‘support’ to the tweet, when he retweeted the post on his own personal Twitter account.

This only goes on to show that there are millions of like-minded people who stand in support of Trump and know about all the backlash he has to struggle with thanks to the mainstream media. They are trying to put all odds against him, but as long as he has our support, he isn’t going anywhere.




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