PHOTO: NY road sign changed to ‘Crooked Hillary’

This week, people who drove through liberal New York were shocked to see something different for a change. What caught many people by a surprise and left them going down the road with a smile on their face were a few changes being made to a local sign.

The sign, which is located along the Sagtikos Parkway in Long Island, New York, had been changed by someone with the bright idea and, who took the sign which originally read “Crooked Hill Rd,” and made slight changes, by putting the letter “A” in the space between “Hill” and “Rd”, and covered up the “d” with a “y,” making the sign read “Crooked Hillary.”

As drivers passed the sign, it received equal amounts of praise and hate, with supporters of President Trump getting a good laugh from it, while enraged liberals were calling the police to have the changes reversed.
Despite New York being a liberal state, the upstate area of it is heavily Republican.

Just imagine all the Hillary supporting communists received the news of the little joke. “As soon as we were notified about the graffiti yesterday morning, it was removed,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Transportation this Thursday. “Defacing public signs is illegal.”

While we don’t know how many people’s days were made better by this, one thing is still for certain – Hillary’s nickname will not be forgotten for a long time!




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