Bongino Told The Truth About Democrats

Democrats are in a big trouble, and it seems like nothing will save them. They’ve been struggling so hard to stand strong on the ground, and the latest presidential elections destroyed them completely. They thought that these elections will get them in the White House, but this was their biggest loss ever. You won’t even guess what did Bongino say…

We really hope that Democrats will start acting reasonably, otherwise they will lose the tiny support they enjoy from minorities. Hillary Clinton was the biggest shock their party could ever face. This was their biggest mistake ever.

Now former NYPD agent and Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino revealed something Democrats wanted to keep secret forever. Democrats should better run for their lives.

The former agent went on Fox News, and the video of his visit went viral. Everyone is now talking about Bongino’s interview.

Bongino was asked about Democrats and the future of their party. He spoke about his experience in the White House, and the way Democrats do things. His interview will show everyone that Democrats should never earn a major position in the country. President Donald Trump was right this whole time.

The former Secret Service agent said that Democrats have “lost their moral base,” confirming that they’re giving their best to undermine President Trump.

“The modern far-leftist, the modern liberal, sees the world in terms of the good and the bad guys, the oppressor versus the oppressed. They’ve lost any moral bedrock, and the left has gone mad with rage,” Bongino said.

Well, there you have it. People close to Democrats speak the truth. So, who is laughing now?

What do you think about Bongino’s interview? Do you think Democrats will deny this story? How will this affect their position in the country? Will President Trump do anything about this?




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