Trump Just Did Something Incredibly Good For the town of Tangier!

What President Trump just did for the town of Tangier, a small island community in the Chesapeake Bay will echo for eternity there. The island has faced a notorious erosion over the past couple of years, at a rate of 15 ft per year, which is a rate that could massively impact its overall habitability.

The mayor, James Eskridge, spoke to President Trump at the time of an interview with CNN regarding the island community. He stated: “Donald Trump, if you see this, whatever you can do, we welcome any help you can give us,” segueing with “I love Trump as much as any family member I got.”

Mr. Eskridge never dreamed of hearing from the President, so he was stunned when his phone rang a couple of days afterward, with President Trump calling.

Mr. Eskridge stated that President Trump was also worried for the island’s erosion issue during the call and that the President is up for listening to ideas for its fixing. The mayor elaborated on the phone call: “He said [the erosion] is a problem, and maybe when I’m up in Washington, I could come by and we could chat about it.”

Mr. Eskridge truly hopes that President Trump can be present for the opening ceremony of the protective seawall for his island, stating: “He’s for cutting regulations and the time it takes to study a project. Of course you need the studies, but we’ve been studied to death.”

This is an amazing story, and it really resembles something that President Trump would without exceptions do for those in need, particularly when it comes to his favorite activity-building stuff!

Take a look at this brief video of Mayor Eskridge:

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