The View Continues Attack On Trump

The liberal media is totally out of control. They are currently trying to do whatever it takes to bring President Trump and his administration down. It seems like every day there are new attacks and insults directed at the President, his administration and his family and they have gone too far. President Donald Trump’s family should be totally off limits from the media. They have tried to use the James Comey testimony against Trump but it does not seem to be working very well. CNN even had to retract their story on Comey and the President because it was totally untrue. Now the women at The View are taking their turn.

Joy Behar is one of the worst. She recently started an attack on the Ivanka Trump, the President’s oldest daughter. She was then called out on it by on of her co-hosts. It seemed almost like she was in shock about one of her own calling her out on her hate.

It’s like going to the hospital and having the candystipers do the surgery,” Joy Behar yelled. “That’s what’s going on here.”

Luckily there is one “conservative” on the show that talked some sense into Behar.

Jedidiah Bila tried to defend Ivanka from the disgusting comments made by her colleague.

“She stands on the right side of a lot of issues,” Bila stated in defense of Ivanka. “She’s fighting right now for paid maternity leave. In my opinion, her being there, whatever she can, influence, I’ve seen some good things come through.”

The liberal media, and this show in particular, has taken it too far in recent months. They will say whatever it takes to get their viewership up. That is why President Trump feels so attacked all of the time. He regularly refers to the media as the “fake news.” We are now seeing why.




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