Megyn Kelly Has Bad Ratings

The liberal media destroys President Donald Trump at any chance they can get. We are seeing some of the worst reporting in a long time. The president of the United States deserves the respect of the citizens that he is serving and without it, he cannot do his job successfully. The media will trash him with stories that are based on nothing but lies. Companies like CNN and the New York Times are some of the worst and they will not stop until we make them stop. They want to get him impeached more than anything else. That is their top goal in all of this.

Now, a once conservative host Megyn Kelly has joined forces with the liberals and it is not looking good for her. She has been fighting for her show for a long time now and it looks like that has gotten her nowhere. She just got beaten out by an old rerun of 60 Minutes. That is not good for the once popular Fox News host. What we are seeing is liberals moving away from her show because they know that she can not be trusted.

The liberal media does not interest themselves in promoting and publishing the news as they like to say they do. They post whatever they can find that will go directly against President Donald Trump. Take for instance the James Comey testimony. They have managed to turn that into a trap for the president even though nothing incriminating was said.

That is because they are liars that will say anything for views. This is exactly what President Trump is talking about when he calls it “fake news.” Luckily we still have a few networks we can trust.




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